Can Do Bar

                  Can Do Bar

    Can Do !

      Can sex workers own a bar?
      Can sex workers design it and set it up?
      Can sex workers employ bar workers under the labor law?
      Can sex workers be treated fairly?
      Can sex workers manage their own work?
      Can entertainment places have OH&S standards?
      Can a just and fair entertainment place make a profit?

      “Can Do” .....the only experitainment bar in Thailand .....

      “Can Do” bar is owned and managed by a group of sex workers from Empower. It began in 2006
when we decided to pool our experience and resources to create a bar owed by sex workers for sex
workers. We started a community fund where any sex workerwho contributes to the fund becomes
part of the collective ownership.

      “Can Do” is a great place to hang out… have fun… dance… fall in love… fall over… sing well or sing

      “Can Do”. It’s also a working model of an entertainment place with just, safe and fair conditions
for bar staff and sex workers.

      We hope you enjoy yourself and tell your friends!
      Open 6pm till late.
      Address : 322 Chiang Mai Land
      Chiang Mai
      ( bright green and red bar near cross street Chiang Mai Land 4 )
      Tel : 053278969

“Can Do”
      Working Conditions

Thai Labor Law & Social Security Policy

      • All “Can Do” workers are paid at or above the minimum wage according to Thai Labor Law
      • “Can Do” staff work a maximum of 8 hours per night and have one day off per week in
        accordance with Thai labor law.
      • Workers have 10 paid holidays plus a further 13 days Public Holidays per year
      • Overtime is on a voluntary basis and fully paid
      • There will be no staff salary cuts or withholding of wages for any reason
      • “Can Do” staff are encouraged to form a worker’s association or union.
      • All workers are entitled to paid sick leave and also enrolled in the Thai Social Security scheme
        by “Can Do”
      • Disputes over working conditions will be settled in Labor Court

Staff facilities

      • “Can Do” has provided facilities for workers to take their allotted breaks away from the bar
        or they may leave the premises for their break if they wish.
      • Unlimited clean drinking water is supplied free for workers
      • “Can Do” staff have their own toilet facilities and there are no restrictions on times of use.

Physical Safety & Well-being

      • The “Can Do” building complies with Thai building standards
      • Daily cleaning is done by a trained cleaner using appropriate solutions
      • “Can Do” bar is well ventilated and customers encouraged to smoke outside
      • Fire extinguishers are installed and maintained. Workers have been trained in their use.
      • Noise and lighting levels comply with Thai standards (music less than 92 decibels: lighting
        above 50 amps)
      • A functioning electricity safety switch is in place
      • Staff are not required to lift over 4kgs and have been trained in safe lifting and moving
      • Staff have been trained in first aid and basic first aid supplies are provided
      • “Can Do” does not encourage or promote alcohol consumption for bar staff or other
        visiting sex workers
      • “Can Do” bar staff are employed to serve customers and manage the bar. After work
        activities are their own personal business.
      • Visiting sex workers are also customers of the bar and must be treated with due respect
      • Staff, visiting sex workers and any other women leaving the bar with new friends are
        encouraged to use the “Can Do” security system

for their safety

      • As a service to society, condoms and lubricant are freely available in “Can Do” and workers
        are trained in safer sex education. Staff Development
      • Bar staff receive training covering bar tending, sound system, first aid, safer sex, safe lifting,
        emergency procedures, managing difficult or violent situations, Thai Labor Law, Thai Social
        Security Scheme, and access to ongoing English language training.
      • Staff may apply for one paid night off per month to attend meetings, courses or trainings etc
        relevant to their professional development.